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What are Tenants Right and Responsibilities?

The rental market in the UK has witnessed several changes in recent years, with various regulations and policies aimed at providing increased protection and rights for tenants.

The government’s focus on improving standards in the rental sector has resulted in the introduction of the Renters’ Reform Bill, which aims to enhance tenant security and offer more stability for tenants.

Additionally, the ban on tenant fees implemented in 2019 has remained in place, relieving tenants from additional financial burdens during the renting process.

It is crucial for tenants to be aware of their rights and responsibilities, including the need to review and understand their tenancy agreement thoroughly, ensure timely payment of rent, and report any maintenance issues promptly.

The emergence of digital platforms and online rental portals has simplified the search for rental properties, providing tenants with a wider range of options.

How much rent can I afford?

It’s generally recommended that your monthly rent should not exceed 30% of your monthly income.

Assess your budget carefully and factor in other expenses to determine a comfortable rent amount. If you need assistance with this, Kearns Residential will be more than happy to help.

How long is the typical tenancy agreement?

Most tenancy agreements in the UK are for a minimum fixed term of six or twelve months.

However, the length can vary depending on the landlord and property.

Can I make changes or decorate the rental property?

You will usually need the landlord’s permission to make any significant changes or decorations to the property.

It’s best to discuss your plans with us beforehand and we can then assist in obtaining written consent.

What happens if something in the property needs repairs?
Landlords have legal obligations to maintain the property and carry out necessary repairs.
Report any maintenance issues promptly to the landlord or managing agent, and they should address them in a reasonable timeframe.
What happens at the end of the tenancy?

At the end of the tenancy, you’ll typically undergo a check-out process to assess the condition of the property.

Any necessary costs might be deducted from the deposit, and the remaining amount should be returned to you within a specified timeframe.

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